Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kayak Stack

Saw these kayaks down at Waikiki Beach, just waiting to give vacationers a peek at Honolulu from its best angle - offshore. 


  1. I love the burst of colors and the angle on this photo! I have kayaked on a lake in Wisconsin but not yet in Hawaii....

  2. Bonjour Lisa,

    I have found this beautiful photo while I was searching pictures for an article about "canoe-kayak" in our blog...
    We live in the south of France (near Avignon); here is a link the blog:

    Would you allow me to use your photo "Kayak stack" for my blog article?. Of course, I would nominate you as the author! Unfortunately, it did not succeed your email address in "Oahu Dayly Photo" ...

    You can send me a answer to:

    I would like to hear of you,
    best wishes from the Provence,

    Jörgen (called Georges)