Monday, December 19, 2011


This is Brody, a beautiful dog I saw playing frisbee today at Lanikai Beach.  He was fast and quite a high jumper...and it was really comical to watch the way he lunged into the water to snatch up the frisbee one time, only to step into the waves with trepidation and wait for just the right moment to reach out for it the next time!

p.s. If Brody's owners see this and would like the other photos I took of him, please email me  :)


  1. We all must be dog lovers since there have been a number of photos of pooches on here lately. Yes, Brody must be an awful lot of fun to watch!

  2. if you spent your time on the beach and with a dog, what could be better?

    view of desert

  3. I totally agree! Dogs + beach = fun. Kate, I am definitely a dog lover, have two of my own! I just realized I have posted a photo of one of my dogs in the past, but not the other one. Will have to fix that.

  4. Nice catch Brody!! Lovely shot Lisa.

  5. Good boy!!:)
    Nice image. I like the light, colors and shadow you also included!