Wednesday, January 12, 2011


One of the most beautiful beaches on the island, in my opinion.  Twin islands (Mokes) to the north, sweeping Ko'olau views to the south, turquoise water, soft golden sand, ironwood trees - a perfect mix.  And bonus, the park has hot showers :)


  1. wow! I'd like to be there. Watch my picture today...see the difference!!!

  2. Yeah! A CDP blog from Hawaiian paradise! I love your photos so far and looks forward to your upcoming daily photos! Welcome to the CDO blog community - hope you enjoy the ride!
    Warm regards from EAGAN daily photo in snowy Minnesota

  3. Thanks so much Leif - I'm excited about starting this blog!

    Patrizia - I checked out your photo from the same day, and yes what a difference! Hope you have sunny skies soon :)