Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I: Ice, Hawaiian Style

Shave ice is a local treat, not to be confused with "snow cones" and not to be pronounced "shaved ice".  It has a much more velvety texture than a snow cone, and is doused in a variety of syrup flavors.  Ice cream or azuki beans can be added to the bottom of the cup before the ice is piled on.  The best shave ice spots are on the North Shore - I like Aoki's - where this photo was taken - better than the more famous one a couple of doors down for a number of reasons:  their syrups are made right there in the store, their syrups are chilled (which I think makes them taste even better!) and best of all, the line is always shorter!  It's ABC Wednesday, so click HERE to see more 'I' photos.


  1. A beautiful child who looks very happy to have her shave ice! Great colours.

  2. Glad you described the distinction among the ices. Someday, I'll try yours.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. A beautiful model, colors and place.
    To me who are living still with a bit of snow around..... this looks like a paradise!:)

    The shave ice looks YUMMY!

    Gunn / Stavanger / Norway

  4. Man, that girl in the photo is beautiful.

  5. I can't wait to try some for myself!

  6. Oh that looks good! So velvetty!

  7. We need it here now as it is unusually hot here for this time of the season!!

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