Monday, March 7, 2011

View From My Paddleboard - Number Three

Monday means another photo taken while I was out on my board.  On this day, I enjoyed having the clear, calm waters of the cove near Kaneohe Marine Corps Base's campground all to myself. 


  1. Do sharks come up there too? I wonder if you looked for dangerous fish when you were there.

  2. Be still my heart...this is a beautiful shot. What kind of camera do you have since I'd be reluctant to take mine near water?! PS. After today, come visit me on my Mazatlán, México blog!!

  3. Honest Abe - I haven't seen any sharks here (and I hope I don't ever!). I've heard that paddle boarders see tiger sharks near the bay at Hickam Air Force Base, which is why I have not been out too far there - seeing a shark is not on my idea of a relaxing paddle!

    Kate - thank you! For these board shots I just use my little Canon D10 waterproof camera. I don't take my "real" camera near the water either! I'm coming over to check out your blog :)