Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome Home!

Our friend returned from his overseas deployment today, and as is the custom in Hawaii, he was greeted at the airport by friends with leis made from flowers, candy, and yes, miniature bottles of liquor! With more than 32,000 active duty members plus their families stationed here, the military presence here on Oahu is undeniable. It is also not without controversy, but this is a photo blog, so I will leave those debates to the political blogs :) Welcome home friend!


  1. Great picture Lisa. Love the idea of the bottles, though must say I am not much of a drinker. Deployment is a difficult concept for a young child.

  2. You are right Paul - it's hard for young kids to comprehend. This little guy warmed up to his dad very quickly though. As for me, they'd have to be miniature bottles of wine (maybe some German Reisling?) for me to enjoy them! Don't think they make those though...

  3. Now that's my idea of a welcome home! Cheers to him and thanks for his service!