Wednesday, October 5, 2011

L: Lu'au

"Anyone who has experienced a contemporary Hawaiian lu'au (feast) will find kalua pig a main part of the menu. Traditionally, the pig was cooked in an underground pit and served in plaited baskets made of coconut fronds or on large banana leaves. The shredded pork was just as tender and moist as a pork butt roasted in an electric or gas oven. The word kalua refers to the process of cooking in an earth oven (ka, the; lua, hole)."  D. Labiste

I took some visiting family to this Lu'au at Hale Koa - here they have just begun to uncover the imu, or earth oven, that the kalua pig was cooked in.  Just as they lifted it out, one of the many guests in attendance got right in front of me (and my camera) so sadly this was the only photo I got.  Oh well, guess I'll have to go back sometime!

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  1. looks very ceremonial. i'll bet it was a tasty pork.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. It is annoying when someone thoughtlessly steps in front of the camera! Sorry you missed that shot but the one you posted is the ceremonial clothes. I imagine it tasted great!

  3. Nevertheless, you got a fabulous shot! Love it!

  4. The photo you took is wonderfully descriptive. The ceremony looks fascinating.

    ABC Wednesday Team

  5. AWESOME photo of the event - quite the colorful, Hawaiian outfits those guys are wearing. Fun to catch up on your blog this morning!