Sunday, February 12, 2012

Something Different

I am not normally into altering images - maybe a few basic fixes in iPhoto - but no drastic post processing.  Well, that may be about to change ;)  I recently found a few free downloads that I like, and one of them is Pixlr.  I used it to give this photo a more worn, vintage feel with the "dirt" application!  While this stuff is fun and I just love seeing the ways that others use applications to do really cool things, I think that I will ultimately remain more of a purist (even if that makes me more boring in the photography world)!

What downloads  or programs do you like to use for image alteration?


  1. I think it's great fun every now and then to have a bit of a 'play around' with images Lisa, I love what you've done with this one, it gives it a very cool look!

  2. I like to use Photoshop. It's difficult to learn (and I have a LONG way to go), but it's like a journey. It does sooo much, it's really amazing. I always admire your photos, and I often think that some of the best photos are those that don't require modification.

  3. I thought the guy was butt naked! I really did. Butt naked on a skateboard? I had to stop and take a look-see. I have not used Pixlr but have seen people use it with astonishing results, such as this with your photo. I used Photoshop CS5. That is about to change as the new CS6 is being released soon and I will probably get it. √

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