Thursday, September 22, 2011

Goodbye Summer

We don't experience the great temperature changes associated with summer and winter like many places do. However, the seasons do bring other changes, especially in the waters surrounding us.  Summer on the north shore means snorkeling in bays that are as calm as swimming pools on good days.  During the winter those same bays are extremely dangerous to set foot in due to swells.  World-championship surfers replace vacationing (and local!) snorkelers.  Winter also brings the return of the majestic humpback whale to Hawaiian waters!


  1. I should imagine the snorkeling around the shores of Oahu would be brilliant Lisa. We also get the humpback whales coming down our coast line, actually we're in that season now, they are so wonderful to see aren't they.

  2. You are so lucky!! We are just entering a period lasting to april next year with cold weather, snow and is and darkness day and night. We have stil some very few weeks with possible sun shine and mild temperatures ( more than zero). This is our life. And this year we had no summer at all, but rain. And yes, I want you to be little bit sorry for us here in Scandinavia! You know what a big dream is - snorkeling around Oahu!

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  4. Great shot. I've been to N Shore summer and winter, and it's so true what you say about the extreme differences.

  5. Thanks everyone :) Grace, yes the whales are fantastic! Maria, I hope you get to snorkel here one day! Of course, I dream of seeing Scandinavia sometime - so picturesque. Cloudia - of course, thanks for sharing it!